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Ayalaandtal's skin

First Joined

6th May 2020

In-Game Name



10th April

Real Name


Ayalaandtal is a HelloMiners Technician, owner of Antec, Head of the Community Development Department, and a city manager for Dubai.

As a member of the W.A.S.P agency, he offered the final agreement (agreed and written by W.A.S.P) which ended the HMSU v. W.A.S.P war.


Joining/First Days[edit]

Ayalaandtal joined on 6th May 2020, He requested help in chat right after completing the tutorial, and got helped by patrick78 (a player helper at the time), After having to leave in the middle (right after renting his first apartment) he came back a day later and met Adu0123, who showed him to his shop, and helped him get his starter gear.

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