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    ~Beak's skin


    Joined: 24th February 2016
    IGNs: beak_boy

    Beak_boy (lukesbeak) is a HelloMiners Player. He initially joined 24th of February 2016, and has went through multiple periods of activity and inactivity. Inactive during the Magnus-Boot Administration, his current active period has lasted since the middle of 2021. He is noted for his work with the Southern Union of Development.

    First Active Era[edit]

    Beak was active throughout the majority of 2016. This era was a massive shift in HelloMiners history, as notable players and moderators moved towards lesser roles and the Beta Revival took hold. Beak remained as a low level but active member of the community, frequently conversing with fellow members and working on the common newb farms of the time such as the HelloGeneral, Orubo and Owl farms, mainly as a shearer and lumberjack. During this time he formed bonds with users Kan1200 and sillyphd, and they owned a small red terracotta house in Freshville and a large, basic skyscraper in Solis City. His friends and himself would eventually fall active around late 2016.

    Second Active Era and Prolonged Absence[edit]

    From mid-2017 to October 2018 Beak, known at the time as Luke, maintained a revival in activity. He frequently visited the Old Forums and gained 1500+ posts during this era. As a response to a designer overcharging him for lacklustre work in his first era, he began work designing and constructing buildings for fellow low-level users such as the Sandstone Building in Paradise Hills and the Snow and Concrete Buildings in Solaris City. These designs were not remarkable, but they contributed to his continued activity during this era.

    Around October 2018, alongside a second push of user decline, Beak left the server for his longest period of prolonged absence. While absent from the community, Beak participated in a copy-cat server alongside fellow ex-HelloMiners players. While Beak participated in this server for a long period, the server did not get off the ground and was usually more inactive than HelloMiners.

    Lunafern and S.U.D. Era[edit]

    Beak joined the server for his third period of activity in May of 2021, after a short period of revived activity in August of the previous year and leaving the copycat server and his role as staff on it. Beginning from his third period of activity, Beak began work on creating his personal base and sports ground. The idea of Lunafern began as a city Development on the outskirts of HelloMiners' occupied area, but with the oncoming threat of land price rises, decided to keep Lunafern as a public space occupying half the planned cleared area.

    Lunafern joined as a non-city[1] on July 3rd, 2021, the founding day of the Southern Union of Development. Beak has stated that the initial goal of him joining as a member of S.U.D. was the construction of a railway line from Bunnywoof to Lunafern and beyond, however his plans eventually grew into the construction of SR1 and 2, as well as the planning for the SR4 highway between Montego Bay and Valley City. On the 25th of August, with the recent rise in land price from F5 to F10 per block, Beak proposed that S.U.D. and other private groups that constructed infrastructure maintain the old land value.

    Working as a member of S.U.D., Beak designed the union's Montego Bay headquarters alongside a small group of S.U.D. members.

    The following is a list of contributions Beak has made to the S.U.D.

    • Construction of SR1
    • Construction of SR2
    • Member of planning team for SR4
    • Member of design team for S.U.D. HQ
    • Construction of Swamp Line to Florae
    • Construction of Lunafern Line
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