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First Joined

February 2013

In-Game Name


Bhoppy2, aka Hoppy, was a moderator of HelloMiners and/or HelloClan.[1].


Bhoppy2 joined in Early February 2013, immediately purchasing a plot for F400 and later selling it. He gained a job harvesting sugarcane for Freshblood, working for a month and buying a plot closer to Central HelloClan City. After gaining F1600, he bought a plot in an underpass, creating the first Underpass Inc. store, and soon selling apartments and goods, later expanding to another location in HelloClan City.

On 3 April, he became moderator of HelloMiners, and the fourth moderator. He later bought a HelloClan City#Suburbs plot, selling more of his goods there. He also helped create Valley City, purchasing plots near the seaside.

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