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    View Cardiff on Server Map
    Coordinates: 8132, 64, 2229
    Abbreviation: CAE
    Demonym: Cardiffian

    Founded: 2022
    Founder(s): Edgewurth
    Mayor(s): Edgewurth, ayalaandtal

    Tier: 1 - Town
    Last Known Land Value: F252,000


    Cardiff, or Caerdydd, is a city on HelloMiners created by Edgewurth and run by Edgewurth and ayalaandtal. It was founded during 2022, and modelled on the idea that there is a lack of true-suburban style cities, and a lack of British cities which truly are British (there are some cities that claim to be British, but lack the authenticity).


    Conceptualization (April 2021 - July 2022)[edit]

    Cardiff officially began planning after Edgewurth sold Cytra City and Acacia Creek to Government due to the new city tier rules during April 2021, with an reservation region made to reserve the regionname. Cardiff, despite not being complete, also immediately joined SUD and WASP. It was completely designed on a private Minecraft server with an stadium and train station, plus a series of houses and one park. The stadium would later be discarded due to sizing issues, and replaced with a train station. Four city halls would be designed, until Edgewurth settled on one design which he firmly believed would work best with the way Cardiff is run.

    Continual Development (August 2022)[edit]

    With the development of Cardiff taking a swerve towards having mainly blank plots, as Edgewurth would almost bankrupt himself finishing Cardiff off, however he still had hope of completing it. Two new public buildings would be designed, major landscaping changes, path updating and the park being renovated. The townhouse rows would also be completed, and the city would be ready for the approval process by September 2022.


    Located north-east of Alexandria, and south-east of Bayview, it is located on a river dividing a swamp region and plains region, and is close to a mountain range.

    Travel Hubs[edit]

    These will be the travel hubs:

    • 'Nether Portal' - Cardiff owns a nether portal accessible through a tunnel out towards Valleyside, and is the furthest tunnel so far from the center.
    • 'Railway Station' - A railway station exists to link Cardiff to any other cities.
    • 'Airport' - While not going to open immediately unlike the train station, there are plans for a small airport to be build on the plains peninsula.
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