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    Edgewurth's skin


    Joined: 2016
    IGNs: Edgewurth

    Birthday: 7 May 2004
    Age: 17
    Location: South East England, United Kingdom
    Real Name: Ryan Penfold

    Edgewurth (Ryan Edgewurth, or ~Edge) is a HelloMiners Player. He joined 5 July 2016 (and regularly forgets this), and was previously head of department for the Infrastructure Department, co-head on Private City Departments, and department staff for the Community Development and Ironball department. He has also run several two successful businesses under 1 franchise on HelloMiners - those being Horizon Awards and Horizon Estate Agency. He now presently manages the Suburbs district of HelloClan City.


    2016: Tasmin_Angel[edit]

    Edgewurth joined during 2016 as Tasmin_Angel. He was a reckless and shy kid who occassionally chatted, but mainly strayed far from normal activity due to issues settling down, and the fact it was his first Multiplayer Minecraft Server he joined. He would purchase 1 plot, which would later get no progress and be evicted from Snow City (now Terranova) as a result of forced inactivity due to family commitments and lack of a computer.

    2017-2018: Ryan_Shorthorn and Valucifer's Enterprises[edit]

    Edgewurth, now known as Ryan_Shorthorn, would return to start several start-ups, and have false ambitions to become staff and own a city. He false-reported numerous members of the community, and started a business called 'Valucifer's Enterprises', which would not gain any profits, and fall hard during Summer 2018, being replaced with Shorthorn Limited. This company would last until 2019, when the first of the Horizon line of companies would be started: Horizon Awards.

    2019: The Start of Horizon Awards, and the Horizon Branding[edit]

    Edgewurth went through 3 different username changes, ran Cape Coral for 3 months, then sold it. He then fell into the wrong crowd, became Player Helper for around 1 year, and joined the PrivateCity Department shortly after becoming Player Helper. He would indirectly cause the HelloMiners History#bootstoo Administration Period (2019-2020) by being involved in one of bootstoo's ventures, and recommending her to be staff to various staff members. They would later fall-out and this would lead to bootstoo thinking they hold a high ground on the staff team.

    2020-2021: The Horizon Enterprises Era[edit]

    Horizon Awards led to him using the Horizon name very often, and Edgewurth also opened Cytra City, which was meant to open with supermagicalplay. He later sold it so he could focus on Infrastructure and making a superior city, since Cytra was built over 2 years, and upon his launch, he felt it didn't fit his new style and expectations. He opened Horizon Enterprises as a holdings company, and started Horizon Estate Agency and Horizon Mart.

    He later became Head of Infrastructure after requesting the position, and he then became known for roleplay. He also became more unstable, sometimes choosing the worst choices. He was head from January to September, deciding to resign after 9 months since he felt as though he couldn't go on, with him needing a break from thinking about HelloMiners, wanting to plan his future path, and have a semi-reset.

    He would keep Cardiff and Horizon Awards.

    2021 to Present: The Recovery[edit]

    Edgewurth, since leaving all Government Departments, citing the reasons as above, went on to re-plan his future path, and work out how he would work with the community beyond Government. He would join the Southern Union for Development (S.U.D) with his work-in-progress city Cardiff. His Discord account would be hacked during March 2022, and his name leaked prior to that.

    Known For[edit]

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