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Primarily, the Server Rules apply to this wiki. This is both for ease, and to ensure that the rules and guidelines are kept similar. The section you should keep an eye on is the Basic Community Rules, since that applies to this wiki.

Wiki Rules & Guidelines[edit]

As with any wiki, we have some basic rules and guidelines which are to be followed. They are the following.

SPaG (Grammar/Spelling)[edit]

Aim to use proper grammar, spelling and punctuation at all times. Mistakes are forgivable, since some members of the community may be dislexic/non-native speakers. Ensure that you proof-read, or use a word processor or spellchecker.


Please refrain from posting unconfirmed rumors on this wiki, or speculating information about anything. Please do not make anything up.


Do not edit a page to slander anything. If you undertake this, your account will be banned.


We do allow humour and wit in writing here, but please don't edit articles just for this purpose. Ensure your humour is not offensive, or overdone.

Multiple Edits[edit]

Please use the "Show preview" button before editing.

Vandalism and Spam[edit]

Vandalism and Spam is not tolerated here. You will be banned if this occurs.


Please keep your opinions outside of this wiki. This wiki is to serve information and facts, not opinions about yourself, others and anything else.

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