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    Horizon_Awards's logo

    Horizon Awards

    Founded: 30 April 2019
    Leaders: Edgewurth

    Industry: Award

    Horizon Awards is an Awards Company founded during Spring 2019, and had it's first awards ceremony shortly thereafter. It is the first company owned by Edgewurth to use the Horizon demoninator, and remains one of the most famous of the companies. It is also the only known company to have the most technicians on staff, those being ayalaandtal since 2021, and nicochulo2001 since 2020 - both being by sheer concidence.

    All the staff were chosen by Edgewurth for thier friendliness, kindness, how much they contribute to the community, and how active they are.

    It's headquarters are located in Montego Bay's West Sea district, in a construction previously occupied by HexiGen Corporation.

    List of Notable Roles[edit]

    The Board[edit]

    The Board help arrange plans for Horizon Awards, create award pieces and represent different parts of the community. People who were on the board at one point were:

    • Edgewurth (2019 to Present) - C.E.O
    • supermagicalplay (2019 to 2020)
    • PrinceAdam (2020)
    • nicochulo2001 (2020 to Present)
    • ayalaandtal (2021 to Present)
    • beak_boy (2021 to 2022)
    • Endershack (2022 to Present)

    List of Major Horizon Awards Events[edit]

    Horizon Awards I[edit]

    Horizon Awards I (2019)

    Date: May 2019 to July 2019
    Location': Kingdom of Haven

    Horizon Awards 1 (also known as Horizon Awards 2019/Horizon Awards 1) was the first Horizon Awards event hosted. It was hosted by Edgewurth on the 1st July 2019 at the Meeting House, Kingdom of Haven. On staff was Edgewurth and supermagicalplay.


    • Ray's Inc.
    • Whole Blocks
    • iCentiPay
    • Archendale
    • nicochulo2001


    • Agora
    • DOME
    • Kingdom of Haven
    • DOME City (Now Known As Argos)
    • Montego Bay
    • Cheerios32


    • General Company
    • Service Company
    • Private City
    • Player

    Horizon Awards II[edit]

    Horizon Awards II (2020)

    Date: May 2020

    Horizon Awards II (Also Known as Horizon Awards 2020/Horizon Awards Summer 2020/Horizon Awards 2) is the second Horizon Awards event, running throughout May 2020, and was scheduled to have an event on the 1st June 2020. This event would later be cancelled due to the server's instability, and the results released automatically.

    This is the only time Horizon Awards has not had an in-game event. It also introduced the Misc. Company category, and split the Service Company category into Design Company and Build Company.

    This is the first awards to feature the board, the first to have PrinceAdam and nicochulo2001 on hand as staff, and the last time supermagicalplay was on-hand as staff.


    • Agora
    • Mango Logo and Design
    • Archendale
    • hmguide.info
    • nicochulo2001


    • iCentiPay
    • H3
    • Ray's Inc.
    • Blueline Shopping
    • StackedX
    • 2M
    • Freeport
    • Ferron Island
    • Oyster Cove
    • Links
    • Palm Shores
    • DJDoodle
    • TheSterninator
    • _MakiNishikino
    • MyNameIsSakura


    • General Company
    • Design Company
    • Build Company - Recieved no Nominations
    • Private City
    • Misc. Company
    • Players

    Horizon Awards III[edit]

    Horizon Awards 3 Advertisement Poster

    Horizon Awards III (2020/21)

    Date: December 2020, January 2021
    Location': Bayview

    Horizon Awards III (Horizon Awards 3, or Horizon Awards Winter 2020) is the third Horizon Awards ceremony, taking place at Bayview Stadium on the 1st January 2021. It is also the second Horizon Awards of 2020, and the first Horizon Awards of 2021 (by complete accident). This event was hosted by Edgewurth, and had PrinceAdam and nicochulo2001 on staff.

    This would be the last time PrinceAdam would be on staff.

    The categories Design Company and Build Company would merge to remake the Service Company category. This would also become one of the most iconic Horizon Awards events, being hosted for the first time in a stadium.

    Nominations Information[edit]

    Information about the nominations can be found at https://docs.google.com/document/d/1tsaNJVXC2-maKbpNytVjVjGvrNphytaWH4filhV7JZA/edit#heading=h.jjhb80c7l942.

    Horizon Awards IV[edit]

    Horizon Awards IV (2021)

    Date: March 2021 / April 2021
    Location': Archendale

    Horizon Awards IV (Horizon Awards 4, or Horizon Awards Summer 2021) is the fourth Horizon Awards event, hosted at Archendale Stadium by Edgewurth. This is the first event to have the Non-Profit category, and the first to have ayalaandtal on staff. This event is the second Horizon Awards event in 2021.

    Horizon Awards IV is notable for having the most nominations to date, which can be found here - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1IztEU2AB8yrfg1WY9YgUxs_YjbtOVI3FxU0zzWDYUbw/edit?usp=sharing.

    The planning phase of Horizon Awards IV was the shortest, and yet, provided the best ceremony to date.

    Horizon Awards V[edit]

    Event Poster for Horizon Awards V

    Horizon Awards V (2021)

    Date: November 2021 to December 2021

    Horizon Awards V (Horizon Awards 5, or Horizon Awards Winter 2021) will be the fifth Horizon Awards event, and the third to take place during 2021. This would be the second to have ayalaandtal on staff and beak_boy for their only event. This event was hosted in Alexandria by Edgewurth, with it being his fifth event as staff.

    Horizon Awards VI[edit]

    Horizon Awards 6 poster

    Horizon Awards VI (2022)

    Date: March 2022 to July 2022

    Horizon Awards VI is the sixth Horizon Awards event, and takes place in Montego Bay. Once again, it was hosted by Edgewurth, and would include ayalaandtal on staff for his third event, nicochulo2001 for his fourth, and Thendil for his first.

    Horizon Awards VII[edit]

    Horizon Awards VII is the seventh Horizon Awards event, taking place after Ratface Horizon Awards III

    Full List of Horizon Awards Events in Chronological Order[edit]

    Horizon Awards Events (2019 to 2021)
    Event Name Event Start Event End Notes
    Horizon Awards I 1 May 2019 1 July 2019 Hosted at Kingdom of Haven
    Horizon Awards II 1 May 2020 1 June 2020 Event Ceremony Cancelled due to Server Instability at the time.
    Rat-Face Horizon Awards I Autumn 2020 Autumn 2020
    Horizon Awards III 1 December 2020 1 January 2021 Hosted at Bayview Stadium
    Horizon Awards Statistics I Spring 2021 Spring 2021
    Horizon Awards IV 1 March 2021 30 April 2021 Hosted at Archendale Stadium
    Horizon Awards Rat-Face II Autumn 2021 Autumn 2021
    Horizon Awards V 1 October 2021 1 December 2021 Hosted at Alexandria Coliseum
    Horizon Awards VI 1 March 2022 3 July 2022 Hosted at Montego Bay Theatre
    Horizon Awards Rat-Face III Summer 2022 Summer 2022
    Horizon Awards VII 1 November 2022 1 December 2022


    2019 Rumors[edit]

    • During late October 2019, Horizon Awards (known as HM Horizon Awards)'s Discord Server was thought to be deleted. This was not true, as the server was an downtime with Discord that affected the server.
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