List of Minor Incidents

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The following is a list of minor incidents throughout HelloMiners' history.

2020 Incidents[edit]

Storage Space Issues[edit]

During 2020, there was a lack of space which led to Magnus Frost purchasing a new server to host the server, which led to an 2 day outage during February 2020.

Various D-DOS Attacks[edit]

  • On 7th and 8th March 2020, HelloMiners was attacked using D-DOS.
  • On 5th April 2020, it was attacked yet again via D-DOS.
  • During 11 April 2020, an third DDOS occurred.

Industrial Espionage[edit]

During 2020, Magnus Frost and Bootstoo destroyed parts of the overworld, leading to a downtime to resolve, investigate, and protect against future attacks of this calibre.

2021 Incidents[edit]

West City Nuking[edit]

During February 2021, _UltraPro_ managed to overwrite a chunk of West-City, which resulted in Cheerios32 coming on and taking the server down for 15 minutes while they repaired west-city.

Case of the Disappearing Armor Stands[edit]

An syntax error in a command at 18:45 GMT+0 on 15 February 2021 resulted in armour stands in loaded chunks being deleted. Most of these were for rendering vehicles or mobs, and over 4000 were deleted.

Log4j Zero-Day Exploit[edit]

This was an exploit that was patched 10 December 2021. The patch removed compatibility for versions lower than 1.12.2.

2022 Incidents[edit]

Nipplemall19 and the Bermuda Mall[edit]

On 28 March 2022, Satan accidentally deleted a mall somewhere in the world, then almost named a region "nipplemall19".

Inventory Issues Downtime[edit]

On 30th March 2022, the server had to be put into whitelist mode due to running out of disk space, and thus inventories becoming corrupt and thus, resetting. This incident would continue into April, where Ayalaandtal would investigate and work out which plugin is 'misbehaving'. It was also discovered that all playerdata was wiped. This would be resolved by 1st April 2022.

Nuking of Valley City, a Highway, and Valleyside[edit]

During April 2022, a portion of the world was glitched out of existence due to an issue with an minigame, affecting an area between Valley City and Valleyside. This would also affect the highway that ran between the two, and a junction linking Swamp City and this highway.

IAmSpartacus Movement[edit]

The IAmSpartacus Movement is a movement which exploited a rule of HelloMiners which Albinary had discovered. This loophole was that players could use a nickname that wasn't of other players, but multiple people can have. Hilariously, the nickname "IAmSpartacus" was chosen by Thendil, and caught on, used by players such as Thendil, Albinary, 4K606, richie_rich123, ~Doodle, herd_the_nerf, and several other players.

Staff would unexpectedly support this movement that started Late-April 2022 and continues through May 2022, however dying out in June 2022.

The Great Snowstorm of Valley City[edit]

An entire snow border in Valley City, circa 2022, from a front-on view
An entire snow border in Valley City, circa 2022, from a isometric view

A snowstorm occurred in Valley City during 19 August 2022. It was caused by Cheerios32 by accident.

Ultra crashes the server during Horizon Awards[edit]

On 31st October 2022, while Horizon Awards was going on, UltraPro accidentally stopped the server, having the following effects:

  • Edgewurth thinking his internet crapped out
  • Numerous people thinking they were banned

2023 Incidents[edit]

Event Hub Subway Station Flooded[edit]

Screenshot of Satan attempting to mop it up

On 24 February 2023, Edgewurth noticed an excess of water covering the front of the subway train, and informed Satan.

Admin Applications[edit]

On 21 April 2023, UltraPro proceeded to randomly open applications for staff publicly, without consulting upper staff. This resulted in UltraPro and Cheerios32 arguing... publicly.

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