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    Montego Bay

    Abbreviation: MB
    Demonym: Montegian

    Founded: March 2015
    Founder(s): Felipe98_
    Mayor(s): Felipe98_

    Tier: 3 - Urban Area


    Montego Bay, Montego Bay Kingdom, or MonBay, is an active historical city and nation owned and ran by Felipe98_.



    Downtown was the first ever district in Montego Bay, back at its Malibu era. It hosts the historic City Hall, the Government Center, and many older buildings.


    The first ever expansion, the Sunscape district was designated as the first suburban district, offering residentail plots and 4 hill houses. The district has the Theater, wich hosted many events such as Awards ceremonies.


    The biggest district in Montego Bay, Clearwater was the first mansion district to be built. Here you can find the Montego Bay Royal Castle, the Embassies, the Royal Square, the Opera, the MonBay Archives, the Zoo, the North MonBay Airport and many mansions and buildings in european style by the airport.

    West Sea[edit]

    Covering the then devastated desert biome, West Sea was claimed to renew the wasteland and expand the city towards another ocean. It has the Bank, Coconut Beach, the Swimming Pool, the Docks, the Pet Shop and the old Greenhouse.

    Coconut Beach[edit]

    A district inside West Sea, the Coconut Beach is the biggest public beach on the server. Living there is a luxury, and you can have the best view of the whole district from the hill houses in the area. Here you can find the Restaurant.

    San Marino Isles[edit]

    The San Marino Isles used to be Tok's old noob city. At the time it was acquired, WolfHills wasn't part of MonBay yet. This island was claimed and rebuilt with the intention to be a buffer, since WolfHills used to be really ugly. The island is being reworked, and as of now has new plans to be a mediterranean styled village.


    Camborough was a neighbouring city and obstacle to MonBay's expansion. When it was acquired, the whole city got torn down, re-regioned and turned into a high density residential district mainly. It has the Camborough sub-prefecture, the Water Arena Stadium and the Church.


    WolfHills passed through many different owners, and ended up being acquired in a package with Lakeside. The old WolfHills airport was the first airport ever to be approved in Hellominers, even before the government airport (HMIA). The airport was redesigned and currently its called MonBay South Airport.

    Lakeside Farms[edit]

    Previously called Lakeside City, this district was acquired with WolfHills and turned into farmland. It hosts the MonBay Coal Mines custom job and several farms, along with the Public Farm, containing public animal spawners and a selling center.

    Oppai District[edit]

    The remains of Oakwood city, Oppai District was donated by 2awe when MonBay acquired Camborough from Mr_Bloomberg. The district was then turned into an asian inspired district, hosting the Shiawase Hot Springs, the Dojo and several entertainment facilities such as street markets, food shops and bars.

    New Jamaica[edit]

    The latest district to be acquired, it was where everything started: Felipe98_ settled here in his early days and got hired by Deitnerb to manage Malibu, the neighbouring city, with orders to develop the city and expand towards New Jamaica and merge both cities.

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