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    Joined: 7/17/2015
    IGNs: NarwhalsRcool

    Birthday: October 3rd
    Location: Texas

    NarwhalsRcool is a former moderator and player helper, founder of Plague Island, owner of Port June, founder of the Hellominers Historical Society, builder of the N.A.R.S. Overworld Tunnel System, former head of the Wilderness Conservation Department, owner of the Rare Items Magical Pawn Shop and a prominent record keeper.

    Joining and Early Achievements[edit]

    NarwhalsRcool joined Hellominers on July 7th, 2015, following a long period of playing Minecraft exclusively on Xbox 360. He was taken in by bobish14 and slowly integrated into the community, starting his long career of community based projects. Nar would spend the next four years on several of these self started projects, including creating a comprehensive guide for the server's nether tunnel system, performing large scale demolition and terraforming work, and the founding of Plague Island, an island resort that focused on getting new players started on the server by providing cheap housing and early job availability.


    NarwhalsRcool was given the role of Moderator through recommendations from both KingOfCamels101 and SpartanPride7, after he created the N.A.R.S. Overworld Tunnel System for the government almost singlehandedly, which travels under one of the largest oceans in the server.

    NarwhalsRcool would spend the next year working under the Bootsoo-Magnus Administration, performing a large amount of tickets along with doing several smaller government projects.

    Later, Nar would temporarily be given world edit permissions in order to smooth out the borders of the "Ring", a section of the map that was expanded using alternate seed generation causing a circle of alternate biomes around the original map. This project took one year to complete, and in exchange, he was given ownership of Port June (Bootstoo's former city that was under government ownership).

    While attempting to sort out the remnants of Port June, Nar was given two staff warnings (both for mistakes made during the process), and Nar was officially removed from staff just before his two year anniversary on staff.

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