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    Founded: 2017
    Founder(s): Zyra_bot, Dusk_kitty, Thendil

    Tier: 0 - Unapproved



    The First Nubville (2017)[edit]

    Nubville was created on the 2 March 2017 after a Public Mine reset. With a shortage of sand, players turned the mine into a wasteland, except one who saw an opportunity. Zyra_bot would create Nubville, and show it Dusk_kitty, who would then assist in developing it into a town. Word later spread on the old forums, leading to some players deciding to grief and damage Nubville.

    It led into The Great War, which caused a large amount of property loss, lasting around 30 minutes. They eventually used locked signs to protect the city from destruction, yet the griefers built around the existing buildings. There was a poll to see if it was worth regioning it, and 75% (of the 20 voting players), voted yes. It was then defended for multiple days, with land being aquired and reconstruction beginning. Then did one final surprise attack, thus ending the original Nubville.

    The Second Nubville (2017)[edit]

    MrSuperRed as an original citizen of Nubville, decided to continue Zyra_bot's legacy by creating the second incarnation. It brought more commerce to the area, with companies such as Sofie's Adoption Center, Nubville Protection Agency and the NIU Commercial Zone. A presidency was formed, with President_KK being the initial, then succeeded by JazzyDays. Signs, again, were used to protect the area, and large structures were built with many slavery topics and a main street.

    Then Nubville 2 was destroyed in another griefing session, thus killing off the second incarnation.

    The Almost Nubville (2017?)[edit]

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    Please note that this section is written from memory, and took place in such a point in time where I don't even remember what happened. Logs are also missing, unless Admins can dig up very old server logs. Edgewurth and 1 other player would create another nubville incarnation, which is lesser known, over a river. Only two sections were known to be regioned, one players house and a apartment. He continued to let it expand, until the inevitable occurred. Another griefing session. The last region was removed late 2021, with Edgewurth selling it as he no longer used that account.

    The Third Nubville (2019)[edit]

    Zyra_bot would return to build the third Nubville, as a symbol of hope. Thus, news spread around the server and Nubville slowly grew and flourished. There was a large drinking community, those not following being thrown into a pit and watched by those within "The Crows Nest". This incarnation (while the fourth, is known as the third), included more natural looking terrain.

    Tensions grew, and staff decided to destroy the city.

    The Fourth Nubville (2022)[edit]

    Screenshot 2022-04-01 at 16.28.53 (2).png

    While in actuality the fifth Nubville, this one is the newest and resides on a temporary server. This was established by Thendil whilst the main server was undergoing maintenance in March/April 2022.

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