Solaris Crisis (2017)

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On July 28 2017, something hit the suburbs of the city of Ashford, resulting in many roads being damaged and a fire to burn numerous houses (much alike the Great Fire of London). Due to photographic evidence, Solaris missiles seemed to be responsible for the catastrophe. During the fire, Dylad said the phrase "Hail Solaris" and shouted in chat "Destroy it, Destroy".

Solaris originally built nukes in retaliation of being bad at ironball and loosing their first ironball match in Solaris's original stadium.

Solaris's Nukes Under Construction.

Background and Aftermath[edit]

Solaris had been preparing nuclear missiles for a while. As early as April they had announced the nukes existence. As a result, several cities declared war, such as Summerville, Pelican Hills, Future City and Ferron Island. Dylad denied accusations of missiles being fired, while RavenCorps said missiles were launched at Ferron Island and Oasis too, but were unconfirmed.

UltraPro said that he fired another shot, however Dylad denied this..

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