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    View Valleyside on Server Map
    Coordinates: 808, 64, 120
    Abbreviation: VLS
    Demonym: Comrade

    Founded: 2020
    Founder(s): Thendil
    Mayor(s): Thendil, Gurbanguly

    Tier: 2 - Municipality
    Last Known Land Value: F1,556,665


    Valleyside City is a tier 2 city and capital of the HelloMiners Soviet Union (HMSU), located to the east of Valley City.


    Following the development of a shopping mall with good travel links to nearby cities Eastside, Valley City and Nivalis, a new city was established by the player Thendil, called Valleyside City and was approved on April 24th, 2020.

    On the August 7th, 2020, the owners of Nivalis gave permission for Valleyside to establish an area connected to the highway where building began on a new airport and residential district next to the mall.

    Move to Communism[edit]

    As the city grew the mall became a focus for Valley City expansionism due to the development of a new beach area and the mall being in competition with private companies. As an ancient landmark on the server called Cabintown, which was the first settlement on the server stood as a buffer zone for Valley City this redevelopment was halted.

    As a result of this period, the mall closed down, causing the city to seek out communism as a viable alternative.

    By March 13th, 2021, development had begun on a new headquarters for the ruling political party in Valleyside. After discussions with political leaders Just1SkullzyBoi and Mayor Thendil, permission was given by Thendil to establish the city as a founding member of the HelloMiners Soviet Union.

    As the city's theme is communism, the city often engages with other cities in warfare as part of its roleplay, such as the allied cities who call themselves the Worldwide Agreement on Server Protection (W.A.S.P).


    The city is located between two mountain regions to the east of Valley City and to the north of Solaris City. It shares a snowy tundra biome with Nivalis and Valencia to the East.

    Travel Hubs[edit]

    The following are a list of the city's travel hubs:

    • 'Nether Portal' - Valleyside City owns the nearest two portals above bedrock that are available in the nether. This is a short walk from the nether hub center, located in the east tunnel towards Crystal Bay.
    • 'Railway Station' - Located near the city center, this connects the cities of Valleyside and Valencia together.
    • 'International Airport' - A new airport district opened in early 2022, with access from the Helloclan International Airport.
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