Various Defacing Attempts of the Forums (2020/21)

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In Late 2020, the forums would be injected and exploited for use for various propaganda, non-HelloMiners related advertisements and other racial, sexual and other forms of content not safe for work.


Initial Hacking (2020)[edit]

Initially, the server was hacked using some form of exploit (likely SQL Injection) and had it's cache overwritten with various forms of propaganda in both Russian, Chinese and various other languages. Sexual imagery, potential racist and other NSFW imagery, words and content were included in this initial hack. This would result in the forums being down initially for 3 months.

Second Hacking (2021)[edit]

After the forums were brought up in read-only mode, and in a non-functional manner, the forums would later be exploited for usage strangely for advertisement for various companies and groups, a strange review and private jet rental. These would be taken by a user seemingly named "highlandboi010", and their various alt accounts.


As a result, the forums software was changed from phpBB and the original forums were closed down and replaced with the current forums.

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